The Philadelphia Cinema Alliance invites you to become a part of Philadelphia QFest (formerly The Philadelphia International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival), July 11-22, 2013, through our many internship and volunteer opportunities.

Volunteers play an essential role in making our festival an annual success!

We are currently recruiting venue managers, ushers, box office personnel, program guide distributors, and advanced ticket sales representatives. We prefer that all volunteers attend one of a series of volunteer training sessions, held throughout late June and early July.

Look over the volunteer positions and contact us to RSVP for the appropriate training session. Our festival scheduling runs on evening or half-day shifts (approximately 5-6 hours).

For more information, please contact:

Or Download our Volunteer Application and fax it to 215-733-0668

Volunteer Positions

The Manager is the primary position at the venue. The duties include overseeing the volunteer staff by logging in the attendance on the box office sheet, assigning duties and break times. The Manager, more importantly, is in charge of traffic flow: managing the lines, determining when the audience is let into the theatre and all aspects of crowd control. The Manager handles all audience issues and complaints. The Manager NEVER sees the films on their shifts. Managers must have some sort of previous management experience, must be cleared by the Festival Operations Staff before signing up and must attend a Manager/Box Office training session. Shift time: As specified on the schedule, until the end of the last film or the start of the next Manager shift. 2 comps per shift.

Box Office
The Box Office Volunteer sells “Day of Show” tickets at the festival venues. The duties include filling out all the Box Office paperwork, keeping track of how many seats are left in the theatre during each show and most importantly, managing the day’s cash sales. The box office Volunteer NEVER sees films on their shifts. Shift time: As specified on the schedule, until the Box Office sheets have been completed and the money counted. 2 comps per shift.

The Usher rips the tickets as people enter the theatre, hands out ballots before the film and collects ballots after the film. Duties also include counting the ballots and ticket stubs, between films to track attendance, and smiling! This role is the most public face of the Festival and is critical to our patrons enjoying their experience. While it is possible that ushers may see part of the film during their shift, priorities should fall towards completing all necessary tasks first. No Usher may leave their post without permission from the venue manager. Shift time: As specified on the schedule, until at least 30 minutes after the last show or the next shift arrives. At least one Usher must stay with the Manager until the end of the last film. 1 comp per shift.

Similar to an Usher, the Greeter is a position that serves as the “face of the festival.” The role of the Greeter is to provide an upbeat, energetic vibe as patrons enter the theatre lobby, before and after a film. The Greeter must be personable, energetic, and constantly smiling! Duties also may include assisting festival patrons and taking on ushering tasks when necessary. Shift time: As specified on the schedule, until at least 30 minutes after the last show or the next shift arrives. 1 comp per shift.

The Floater is an on-call volunteer that is available to help, where needed, during the run of the festival. The Floater must be trained as both a Venue Manager and Box Office Volunteer, as well as, having at least 1 year of experience working with our festival. Candidates for this position must have a reliable mode of transportation and a cellular phone. Shift time: Delegated as needed. Comps appropriated based on position filled.