According to a popular saying, “there is no such thing as bad press”. Really? It all depends on who you ask. In the documentary film Sellebrity (which premiered at the 2012 SXSW Festival), the viewer gains intimate access to A-list celebrities (most notably Jennifer Aniston, Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez plus the painfully honest Sir Elton John) who will give you the truth about the ugly side of fame—their “relationship” with the paparazzi and the media. Feast your eyes on the official trailer here:

Director Kevin Mazur brilliantly provides the viewer with an all-access pass portraying the paparazzi as the stalkers they really are when it comes to getting the gossip and dirt the public craves. Many fans absurdly feel they know the stars and because they pay to be entertained by them, they feel that they are owed all the minute details of their personal lives. It is all about supply and demand in this cat and mouse game between celebrities and those wanting to get the photo or the story at whatever cost to satisfy the hungry masses. This is not only an obsession but a billion dollar industry. Watch as Sir Elton John (who we all know is proudly gay) speaks candidly about how he was once portrayed as some kind of child molester because of his sexuality. Not out yet? That’s okay, leave it to the tabloids, which couldn’t wait to out Rock Hudson. Listen to the words of Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez as they talk about how they as a “power couple” can’t go anywhere without being overwhelmed by paparazzi (ironically, they’ve since divorced and the public can’t get enough of their failed marriage) and how Jennifer Aniston feels about not being able to go out in public without having a camera shoved in her face. Read this interview to learn what Kevin Mazur, a celebrity photographer himself, has to say about shining a light on the business he is in.

Kick them when they’re up and kick them when they’re down, as the song goes – we need dirty laundry. Or do we?

Sellebrity is now available for rental on Video On Demand as well as for download on iTunes and on’s instant video.

- Lindsay Sementelli

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